Avacal  Performers News

Issue 4, April 20, 2004

What's been going on?
Lots has been happening in Avacal for performance these last few months.

Then at Avacal February Investiture in Myrgan Wood, Troubadour du Bois played during the feast and later for dancing. They were amazing, as they always are; I wish I could get out to more Myrgan Wood events to hear them. We also had an honored guest there, Master Hector of the Black Heights from Ealdormere, who came out to give his apprentice (Morrigan Clubfoot, our Princess) away to our Prince. ;)

Kingdom A&S had it's share of music and story entries. It's nice to see that Kingdom Bardic hasn't discouraged people to enter performance pieces in Kingdom A&S. I also got to hand out many song books to people at the event (so I was very happy).

Night in Byzantium had many classes on performance and then at the feast after many individual performances happened. Ursula, from Loch Dorr spent all night playing the harp, as background music for the event. I'm amazed her fingers weren't completely done in by the end of the night. Huzzah!

At Winter War and the first Bardic Wars competition was held congrats to House Isormr who won the jesters had, and House of the Twisted Claw who won the second prize. Thanks to all of the performers - you were all great and the decision was really hard.

Thank you to those who performed at Spring Faire in Vatnsdalr:
Anna who played a recorder piece
Melanie who Bonny Portmore accompanied by Wolfram on guitar
and Aida who sang Last Watchman

Up coming Bardic competitions:
Beltaine - Montengarde - May 1
Cold Keep Champions Tourney - Cold Keep - May 8
May Days - WindWyrm Bardic Championship - May 28-30

The Quad War Site (The Ongoing Saga)
This is still the standard requests concerning this. I will shortly be updating info here, as the timeline for site work is set up.
We will be needing help to upgrade the circle this year, so we're hunting for volunteers (contact Kataryna, or Ambrose) if you want to help.
I'm also going to be hunting for volunteers to host bardic happenings at the circle. You can put on your own show, host a competition, host an open bardic, run a class, or what ever you like....
I'm also looking for someone who'd like to be the fire guardian, they need to be willing to keep the fires going while people perform, search for wood, etc. etc. If you like bardic but you don't perform this is a great way to help out.

The Recording Project...
It's partially done. I have realized that some of it will have to be re-done, as there is a lot of background noise on some of the tracks. To that end I have a band room in Montengarde where we will be able to get better recordings. Please contact me (eclipsek @ DigitalWeb . net <remove spaces>) if you want to be involved. I'm hoping to schedule the room for a few Saturdays in a row, but details haven't been worked out yet. This also means I will be driving from Vatnsdalr to Montengarde for the project - if people want to catch a ride please talk to me. I will get a hold of all interested parties as soon as I have both enough people and more final dates arranged.

THUA THUA Everywhere
There will be two Performance THUA events happening in the coming year.
The first is a late period one happening October 15-17, 2004 in Harrows Cross. If you wish to teach or if you have a class you'd like to take there please contact me. We are trying to get a list of classes organized as early as possible.
The second, a mid/early period THUA happening in conjunction with Spring Faire 2005 in Vatnsdalr (usually in April). We will be looking for people to teach music, dance, performance costuming, theatre, juggling, jesting, research methods for performance, or anything else your hearts desire.

Website, Email List, & This Publication...
Do you want to add...
Articles or technical info specifically related to bards or performing?
Poetry you want out before the next giant Avacal Bards Book is produced?
Pictures, drawings, or other stuff that's performance related?
Old notes from classes you taught/teach?
We accept submissions from anyone who sings, plays, acts, dances or just has an interest in such things.
Or if you have comments, questions, just want a place to put songs and stories or have problems email me Kataryna Tkach (Dragonweaver).

The following is a public service announcement: There is no Avacal Secret Society of Bards, there never was, and they most certainly would not conspire to get a performer placed on the Avacal throne, even if they existed, which they don't.